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It was back in 2016 when I got to meet Faiham Ebna Sharif and had the chance to work on his powerful black-and-white series, Cha Chakra. A few years later, we teamed up once again, this time to work with his students at Counter Foto. Working with these talented and dedicated artists is a most rewarding experience. It opened up a whole new world where rules are constantly rewritten, and poetic, deeply moving projects are shaped in an intimate, trusting environment. Ever since then, mentoring has become an integral part of my life.


Sadman Sakib Esty

Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati

Elisa Mariotti

Prema Nath


Do you have an idea in mind but do not know where to start? Are you already working on something but got stuck? Do you simply need someone with a critical pair of eyes?

I am available for mentoring blocks of 3 months to assist you along developing your documentary photography idea, sequencing, design, or implementing archival material.

Where does this happen?

Online, thus accessible to anyone with a reliable internet connection.

In what languages can you help me?

English and/or Hungarian.

What sort of projects do you take on?

Documentary photography projects revolving around social issues.

My project is political. Is that a problem?

Not. At. All.

How do I even start?

Reach out to me at reka(AT) with your CV/bio and a brief introduction to your project.

How does a block look like?

We start with a 60-minute intro call, free of charge, where we get to know one another and check whether the chemistry works or not. If it does work, on we go. The block contains five further 60-minutes meetings, averaging one call every two weeks.

How much does this set me back?

A mentoring block costs 425 Euro. (incl. VAT)

But I have no project yet…

One-time brainstorming sessions slash portfolio reviews are also available, costing you 90 Euro. (incl. VAT)

It all sounds amazing but I cannot afford this.

Do reach out. If we click, we will find a solution.

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